Esmeralda nude oro
Esmeralda nude oro
Esmeralda nude oro
Esmeralda nude oro

Esmeralda nude oro

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The eighth wonder goes on two heels

My dears, what can I tell you about this beauty? The Hera nude sandal, one of the most demanded and adored in my collection, is reinvented by combining suede leather with gold chrome leather. The result is the Esmeralda model, a display of elegance, sophistication and of course, comfort. 

with a width 11.5 centimeter heel and a 3 centimeter platform that guarantees stability and comfort, has a great fastening to the ankle with a buckle and a soft premium leather that hugs the foot. All essential requirements for enjoy them for hours with a smile. 
If to this we add his garland design on the instep, and fabulous colors that go with everything, the result is this perfect wonder for my girlfriends and guests. 

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