About us

Nuria Cobo is AN ONLINE SHOP FOR women's shoes, specializing in party shoes, of quality, with a lot of colour, and of medium price, "Nuria Cobo" in short, is the brand of footwear that I wanted to have in my wardrobe and the shoes that I always want to wear, fashion on the feet, as I see it.

Since I was 18 years old I have dedicated myself professionally to the world of shoes, a world in which my family has always developed their business work, at home we talked about shoes all the time.

16 years ago I created my own footwear brand, with the idea of offering my clients those shoes that I dreamed of having: beautiful, feminine, of great quality, and at a good price, shoes that fell in love at first sight.

We immediately began to focus on the project of selling them online, through www.nuriacobo.com, with the idea of bringing her "Nuria Cobo" to women anywhere, in just 24 hours, quickly and easily.

From the beginning there have been many satisfied clients who have accompanied me on this journey with their loyalty, clients with whom both my team and I have a very direct relationship, season after season, since one of the brand's maxims has We have always been differentiating ourselves with a personalized treatment and 100% attentive to the demands of our followers.

Precisely that close relationship and talking over and over again with them about fashion, about what they should wear on each occasion, or about what type of shoe suits them according to their personality, made me think of sharing my knowledge and my idea of style and fashion, always from a very useful point of view, I do it every week from my blog::  http://zapatosymujer.blogspot.com.es/ and from my social networks in facebook , instagram, twitter Y Google Plus.

At Nuria Cobo, you are the protagonists and our goal is to get you excited every day with the most beautiful, comfortable and elegant shoes.