Amal nude
Amal nude
Amal nude

Amal nude

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Talla: 40
¡ATENCIÓN VUELVE! Si tu talla está agotada, pínchala y apúntate a la lista de espera. ¡¡Te avisaremos en cuanto vuelva!!"
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A comfortable and versatile basic to be perfect for any occasion

One of your safe bets if you want a color that combines with everything and that stylizes your legs, is nude. Autumn is not synonymous with dark colors or muted tones... I am a firm defender of color and light in guest looks, that's why nude or pale pink is my perfect asset to soften dark tones and create beautiful contrasts with light ones.

The Amal lounge is a perfect option to gain centimeters in height with a good 10 cm heel, but with maximum comfort. I have introduced a 1 cm front platform that compensates and provides stability to the foot. In addition, the interior of this shoe is padded, with which the tread is cushioned much more and that is noticeable when walking, standing or dancing for many hours at an event or celebration. 

Do not think about it!